SureDerm® Implant
Acellular Dermal Matrix
Product Introduction •  SureDerm® Implant is an Acellular Dermal Matrix that maintains the three-dimensional structure of the dermal layer
   by removing cells in the epidermis and dermis that cause immune responses and then freeze-drying them.
•  The main components are Collagen, Elastin, Proteoglycan, and Laminin and have various thicknesses.
•  It is a product that provides a framework necessary for inflow of fibroblasts, generation of nerves, and regeneration
   of blood vessels in the dermal layer without immune rejection.
•  It can be folded or rolled to the desired thickness and is easy to transplant and engraft.
Product Features
and Benefits
•  As it is human-born skin tissue, it soundly takes in as a patient's tissue.
•  It plays the role of a scaffold, providing 3D structure for cells to move, which helps granulation tissue to form.
•  Various indications (Gum reconstruction (dental clinic), ligament and muscle reconstruction (orthopedics),
   breast reconstruction and skin transplant for a burn patient (reconstructive plastic surgery)
•  The surest product proved by 20-year clinical use.