Pedi-Stick® Plus
Demineralized Cortical Bone Stick(Medical Device)
Product Introduction •  Pedi-Stick® Plus is a medical device product made  of demineralized bone which is decompressed in the form of a stick.
•  It is a Human-derived product that can be replaced when bones are lost due to trauma or osteoparosis.
•  The preservation of growth factors and other protein components that promote regeneration of bone damage areas
   is excellent in Osteoconduction and Osteoinduction.

Product Features
and Benefits
•  Easy to use because it is contained in a compressed form of a stick in a syringe.
•  It ruptures into powder when Inserted it into the pedicle and screwed.
•  It prevents the pedicle screw of a patient with osteoporosis from loosening.
•  It Improves demineralized DFDBA.
•  It preserves the growth factors and other protein ingredients and shows the high performance of exposed osteoconduction
   and osteoinduction.